Affiliate Marketing – Keys To Success #2


In my last post – Affiliate Marketing – Keys To Success #1 – I left hanging the question…

‘Why do so many people fail at affiliate marketing?’

On the face of it, affiliate marketing is simple. Yet when a lot of new marketers try it they actually don’t manage to make a dime let alone even one dollar yet alone the thousands of dollars that they thought were going to flood into their bank account.

So, at that point, they give up and start searching for another get-rich-quick program.

Then they follow the advice in that one and, again, don’t earn any money at all, and so they write that one off as an epic fail.

And so the cycle goes on. They try, halfheartedly, every money-making program that takes their fancy, give it a quick go and then pronounce the vendor a scammer when it doesn’t work.

So, is it true that none of these ‘money-making’ programs work?


Well, the probability is that the methods in these programs do work. Yes, there are some scammers out there selling worthless information that they ‘sell up’ to look to be more valuable than they really are but, in general, most of the creators of make-money programs have found a system that works, for them, and have turned it into a product.

The money-making programs on the Warrior Forum, for example, have a hive of social proof from marketers who have bought these methods and made them work. Their reviews are listed below the sales page so you can see what other forum members think about the product. It’s a great way to get confidence in the program before you buy.

So, given that these methods really do work, what goes wrong? Why do the majority of new affiliate marketers not make any money?

The plain truth is that most people are looking for get-rich-quick schemes.


They blunder into the method like a bull charging into a china shop, smashing everything in their way in order to get at the money.

As a result they completely lose sight of what the method is set up to do.

Here’s the key to successful affiliate marketing…

…stop thinking about the money and start thinking about how to solve people’s problems.

I’ll leave you pondering that for today and I’ll explain more about why this works in my next post.

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