Finding The Right Opportunity


If you’re sick and tired of failing, it’s simply because you haven’t found the right opportunity.

Today I was inspired by watching TJ Rohleder, the Blue Jeans Millionaire, talk about how he made 1,500 million dollars (yes, 1.5 billion) from direct sales.

It wasn’t ‘how’ he did it that inspired me, it was more the message that he gave to his audience. Basically he outlined the ‘rules’ that anyone who wants to make money online should follow, what he calls the ‘Four Cornerstones’ of success…

…you’ve gotta get involved in the right opportunity, at the right time, with the right people, who have the right strategy and the right implementation…

Common sense, you might think, but, as Mark Twain put it…

common sense is a very uncommon thing

TJ continues…

…most people do the exact opposite – they get involved with the wrong opportunity and the wrong people, with no strategy and no implementation and they’re always going for these low cost deals that never pan out. You know, these low cost business opportunities that somehow are going to make you a lot of money if this happens and that happens and then, if people do this, and then those people do that and, all of a sudden, you’re going to make a lot of money – THAT IS JUST A LIE! It never happens.

That struck a nerve. For much of my early years learning how to market online I was trying to keep my budget to a minimum – you know, ‘I’m not going to spend money until I’ve shown that I can earn money.’

How ridiculous is that? How many places can you go to learn expert techniques, get all the knowledge that you need to master a skill, without serious expenditure?

Can you go to University and get a degree without serious financial outlay? Of course not.

So why do we think that we can get everything we need to know about marketing on the Internet for a few dollars? It’s just not possible (as it took me years to find out).

TJ sums it up…

People love stuff that they can do for free. And they hate stuff that costs money. And, yet, the only thing that really matters is how much you spend versus how much you make…

Exactly. People chase free stuff all the time. Free tuition. Free traffic. Free websites.

Let me tell you – none of this stuff is really free. It all involves you in vast amounts of work, and work costs you time, and time costs you money – yes, really (I’ll show you why later on).

What really matters is not what you spend, it’s whether you get a Return On your Investment (ROI).

Here’s TJ’s answer to how to become successful in marketing…

All you have to do is simply get enough people to give you enough money, enough times for enough profit per transaction with greatest amount of efficiency – that’s really the secret to success in every business… It’s about Return On Investment – you know so many times people worry about what something’s going to cost instead of how much its going to make them.

Simple, isn’t it? And yet, like every ‘secret’ to becoming successful, we feel there ought to be more to it than this.

Take TJ’s words to heart…

All we care about is ROI, so really trying to understand the basics and not complicate things, you know, people do tend to overcomplicate things.

What I’ve learned, through nearly a decade of trying this and working with that, running an online business selling physical goods, creating websites, writing tuition products and a whole host of other ‘enterprises’ is that marketing online is best when it is kept simple.

Concentrate on the basics. You probably haven’t got time to design websites, create products and the million and one things that the marketing ‘gurus’ tell you that you should buy from them.

What I recommend is that you learn the basics of Internet Marketing and let someone else do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you.

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Oh, yes, and here’s the excerpt from TJ’s webinar conversation that I was talking about…

TJRohleder video

And if you want to know why your time isn’t free, but actually costs you more than you would think, listen to this.

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