Love and Sex With Robots

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In the Guardian newspaper today there was a report on the latest developments in having love and sex with robots. Yes, I kid you not, sex robots, with reality based AI, are predicted to become available very soon. A combination of AI and silicone skin based flesh and blood lookalike bodies will create the perfect companion for the lonely man (and, later, woman) who wants someone to talk to and who will have sex with you as often as you like.

In case you’re interested, prices are rumoured to start at $15,000. Sincerely, I hope you’re not interested.

Not because I think there’s anything particularly deviant or morally wrong about having sex with robots, or wanting a sexy companion to fill out your lonely life, but because this robot, no matter how lifelike, is not a real person.

You see, it’s often been said, and it is true, that we are the sum of the people that we interact with. If we choose to surround ourselves with positive thinking people, family and relations who encourage us to do our best, colleagues and mentors who keep us focused on the right path, then we practically guarantee that we will be successful.

Whereas, if you seek the company of robots, you will, yourself, become robotic.

I’m not denigrating the companies that are designing and producing these sex robots. In fact it is interesting that most of the work that is going into AI and the development of human like robotics is centred on the adult sex industry. This, after all, is where the money is. It’s quite possible that men are prepared to pay more for having sex with robots than they would, say, for a robot that was dedicated to doing the housework.

love and sex with robots

So, sex robots may be the first to push the boundaries between AI and human intelligence but, I predict, they will never fully replace the warmth, vibrant companionship and encouragement that we need to become successful human beings. In fact they are more likely to debase human qualities.

Here’s why…

…you need to act the person you want to be in order to be the person you want to be.

On its own that statement might not seem much. But, unravel it, and you’ll see the truth behind it.

Our ideal person

All of us have an idea of the ideal person we would like to be. Very often we can see that ideal in others. We want to be like someone we’ve met, whether they are wealthy or just happen to have achieved greatness in whatever they do, but we can’t, actually, find the way to be like that ourselves.

It may seem crazy but you can be like that person. But only if you think like that person.

To become wealthy you have to believe that you can work to attract money to yourself. To become great in whatever endeavour you want to do, you have to act as if you are becoming great in what you do.

I’m talking self-belief here. Because, unless you honestly, truly believe that you can achieve something, you won’t get to where you want to be. Or be the person you dream of being.

And the easiest way to build your confidence, and bolster that self-belief, is to surround yourself with people who are more successful than you.

This sounds counter-intuitive, I know. Surely surrounding yourself with people who are better than you, wealthier than you, more successful than you, will just make you feel inferior to them?

Initially, perhaps. But, as you mix with these people, you will soon find out that they are more like you than you imagine. They have the same fears and anxieties as you. They may have relationship problems, health worries and a whole factor of things that make them human and, therefore, less than perfect.

And, most importantly, when you start mixing with successful people, opportunities will arise for you. You will start to attract wealth and greatness simply because mixing with this group of people will mean that you interact with those who can help you. Because they will take an interest in you, you’ll find that you can help them and, in turn, they will help you.

Try getting that from a robot!

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