Ups and Downs – The Photographer’s Wife

I’ve just finished reading “The Photographer’s Wife” by Nick Alexander

– an inspiring read which details the ups and downs of a once famous photo journalist, his almost-famous daughter and, of course, his wife.

What struck me about this novel, other than the bitter-sweet nature of the true-to-life human story, was the contrast between the apparently successful, the not so successful and the wannabe success.

The three main characters, who’s story oscillates between the 1950s – 1980s and the present day, encapsulate everything that needs to be said about the trials and tribulations of seeking success in the art world.

But this story is more than that…

…as you go through it and watch the truth gradually unravel, you’ll not only be touched by the family drama it portrays but you’ll also get real insight into fear of failure…

By the time they hang the final images…she finds that her self confidence has almost entirely vanished. She feels like an imposter here, like a child playing and adult’s game – like a girl playing a boy’s game.

And as she hangs the final image, she knows exactly what everyone will think: What a waste. What a shame she’s not as good as her father was!

It’s rare to have self doubt so eloquently expressed in a story, and this is not the only character who doubts their talents and their ability to forge their own future.

Throughout this enjoyable read, we see goals attempted, goals achieved, and goals that turn out not to be as glorious as expected. We see fairy tale endings shatter in disillusionment, only to be re-forged by sheer determination. We see depression and anxiety and the sheer joy of triumph out of disaster.

And isn’t that just a slice through our own lives? Isn’t that just examples of learning from your failures and putting them behind you? Isn’t that feeling like giving it all up, one moment, and then shrugging off that feeling and gaining new energy to go forward?

It’s all here, in The Photographer’s Wife. I read it on Kindle which you can get here:

UK Edition: Click here to read The Photographer’s Wife


US Edition: Click here to read The Photographer’s Wife


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